Things To Remember When Visiting Korea

Travelling is fun. Travelling also opens our mind and helps us to learn about different cultures and countries. When you travel you learn many things and every trip you make is an adventure. Travelling around the world requires a lot of money. However, we all would love to tick off the bucket list destinations one day. Korea is one of these must visit places in the world. It is diverse and is special on its own. As every country is different from each other, it is important that you read and research a little before you leave. Here are some things to remember if you are visiting Korea.


Unlike in most countries, Korea has a great transportation system. There are plenty of public transport options. The system for transportation in Korea is effective and efficient. It is also not very expensive. However, if you are taking trains, you need to remember that you’re the transits between platforms have quite a distance and there will be a lot of walking involved. If you purchase a Korea sim card when you visit, you can even call and hail a cab. There are lot of taxis around and the big black vehicles are mostly the deluxe ones. Avoid calling deluxe vehicle as they tend to charge a premium for their services. You can even purchase a money card that you can use in all mediums of public transportation during your visit.


Wi-Fi and coffee are available everywhere in Korea. Just like that, restaurants are found in abundance in Korea. Be it a barber you meet or a waiter you meet, in Korea tipping is not very necessary. In most countries tipping is a requirement and you need to tip people. In Korea, it is not practiced or encouraged but people will not refuse. They will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Therefore, you should keep in mind that you do not need to tip everyone who serves you if you are not happy with their service.


If you are in need to find a restaurant or just want to buy phone stand a little bit of knowledge on their native language which is Hangul will be beneficial. It is not a difficult language to learn as it is based on sound. Therefore as it is easy to learn it is best if you learn a few words before you go. It will make your life easy and your travel a little more educational and fun. Learning any language is fun and interesting. Therefore you should learn a little bit of Hangul while you are in Korea or before you go!

These are few things that you could keep in mind before you visit the beautiful land of Korea!