Industrialization And What You Should Know

Industrialization took over our world not just a few years ago. With industrialization came the concept that knowledge is power. The persons who were able to exhibit the most intelligence were the successful ones. Strategic planning and critical thinking took the front seat. Whilst the traditional dependency on man skills like carpentry and plumbing reduced. They were taken up mainly as jobs to be performed and skilled labourers were paid very less than those in the service sector and those employees who worked on knowledge.

This was also the period when the middle class was created. People took up jobs like supervisors and managers and were able to enjoy some of the luxuries enjoyed by the rich only!


Before industrialization the world was a much different place. During the pre-industrialization period pretty much everything was done by hand. Most of the people created what they can and sold it in exchange for other goods. During the pre-industrialization period there was a huge difference between two social groups. The rich and the poor. The rich ruled the poor labourers who did the manual labour. The poor always remained poor and most of them were sold into slavery.


With the revolutionary industrialization that took place in Britain in the 1800’s there came a better distribution of wealth. Factories were built and jobs were created where jobs were offered to the poor in return for daily wages. With this increased the workers power and trade unions were formed. With time the lives of the workers improved and more jobs were created. There came a need for supervisors to take care of the bottom most workers. And then these supervisors were promoted to senior levels and so on jobs began to form. And there was a more even distribution of wealth and the creation of the middle class. The factories that were put up then were built with no proper direction unlike the recent retail facade design Hong Kong buildings that are aesthetic and are great!

Service Sectors

With time the service sector was formed. The service sector included services like banking, insurance and etc. The service sector had highly paid jobs that even promoted some of the higher middle class people to the rich class. As they had very good pa and even enjoyed the same social status as the rich. People became more education oriented with the belief that knowledge is power. And such began the quest for knowledge and education. Offices were opened up with departments like the human resources management being opened up in the recent past. The offices were also built by reliable Facade companies in the recent years.


The read on industrial revolution is a very interesting one. To see how the world has evolved now, is a complete wowing story. It is truly amazing how man developed from simply creating a single item to working in factories and then moving into more prestigious office jobs.