Enjoy Team Building Games!

When working in an industry, it is important to have teamwork. Team work does not only stand for listening to others’ guidance, however, it means working together and supports one another well. To improve a team’s teamwork, it is easier to get them to know each other more rather than forcing them to do more projects so that they can have a “feel” of each other and possibly increase their team effort.

Most people know what does team effort mean, but it is sometimes hard for them to follow instructions from someone that they are not close to. Office politics can happen easily due to this factor as well. Therefore, we came up some corporate team building games that can be done in an office for less than 20 minutes. Visit this link http://www.odysseek.com/groups-melbourne-corporate.html for more details on corporate team building in Melbourne.

• Matching pairs. This is not the usual memory game that we played when we were young. For this game, you need to have an even number of employees. Randomly write down card names (they must match e.g male and female) and stick it on their back. They will start going around asking a question, and the answer can only be “yes” or “no”. For a smaller group, they should not repeatedly ask the same person for more than 5 questions. Once they figured out and found their own pair, they will sit down at a corner and say 5 interesting facts about themselves. This entire game will not last over 20 minutes, and is best conducted if there are more than 6 people.

• Human Knot. Most people should know how to play this. Getting your employees to stand in a circle and hold hands from the person opposite from you. Try to entangle yourself without breaking the chain! This game helps you to find out who is the leader and is able to make logical suggestions as well as bonding everyone. It should not take more than 15minutes for a small group.

• Trust. One person will stand in the middle of two people, which will be facing him/her and start pushing her to the side. Person A will push the middle person towards Person B and Person B will push it back. There should be a distance between each person so that the middle person will feel as though they’re falling while Person B pushes them back. This builds on their trust towards one another and this simple game can take just a few minutes per person. Just bear in mind not to let this game backfired!

The games are best done whereby the employees are not familiar with one another. Instead of purposely separating those that seems to know each other, the purpose of these games are to make them closer than ever! So just let them go with the flow, and through this game you’ll probably be able to see who is born to be a leader and who the blind follower is.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Elevated Storage in your Garage


It is quite a straight forward fact that storing has become an irritating issue in the recent times and people are increasingly concerned to find new methods of storage in their houses. IKEA furniture is one of the best companies who provide unique and creative storage solutions to people who are dealing with this issue every day. However, if we as human beings ensure to keep our place clean and tidy as a routine activity, pretty sure that you would find at least a little bit of space available for better utilization. This is what Japanese do best which is why they are much efficient and effective in terms of storage.

Having Dangerous Chemicals Stored

The most common place to store all sorts of dangerous chemicals and other things which are harmful to us human beings. Hence it is extremely vital that people take necessary precautions when it comes to storage of kerosene, rat poison etc. which needs to be kept a way out of reach of children as well as an accident free environment. Long span shelving in Sydney is one of the best solutions provided along with elevated storage so that one long shelf is allocated to spread out and store all these dangerous substances in a manner which is safe and protected.

Disorganized Place

Elevated storage helps you to keep your garage much organized. The main reason as to why it said so is that when you lay down all the things that keep in the garage on the garage, imagine how hard it would be to recall and find something out of the huge mess in your garage. It is also important to realise that sometimes you would need something very urgently which could be stored in your garage and at a glance you need to see where it is and grab it. Hence in order to do so, you always need to keep this place organised which will make a great contribution to your need if you undertake long span shelving as a means of a solution. Get to know tips on how you can organize your place more through shelves and racks, you can visit this site for help http://www.alpharacking.com.au/.

Floor Space utilized better

Elevated storage provides another very important and useful benefit to its user. You and I both know that a garage’s sole purpose of its build is to park your vehicle. But at the end of the day we end up storing everything else but not the car while people store their car as well as everything else. Hence it is important to understand the priority of storage when it comes to this matter. There are certain things that cannot be stored in elevated areas such as your vehicle, grass cutter machine or may be even your exercise machines. Therefore the ground or floor space should be saved for those things to be stored bottles, car washers, hose and things like that could be stored in elevated areas which looks much organized as well as neat and tidy. Hence looking at the above conversation is Important to understand that managing your garage in a proper way is all you need to find some extra space in your house.